“Colour, gender, visible light, politics, race, sexuality, autism, emotion… Human beings view life via a series of Spectrums. But what happens when we start to look beyond these scopes and panoramas?”

Two emerging Newcastle Theatre companies, Knock and Run Theatre & and Bearfoot Theatre will work with an ensemble of talented artists to devise an intimate and unique piece of theatre that explores the way we look at the world. Physical Theatre, poetry, visual media, music, verbatim text, light and sound will all be in play as our Momentum team creates an exploration of what it means to be human.

SPECTRUM is the second work developed by Knock And Run Theatre’s Momentum Project. In 2019 two of Newcastle’s most exciting emerging companies have teamed up with the goal of collaborating to devise an engaging, dynamic and fresh new piece of theatre. This project has been in development since late 2018 when the artistic directors of each company had several brainstorming workshops- resulting in a mission to explore the concept of identity and labels in our society. We were able to assemble an incredibly diverse ensemble of 16 local creative who, combined, represent a wide demographic of traits including age, race, ability, health, sexuality, gender identity, political stance, and privilege. Together we will devise an innovative, revealing and relevant exploration of humanity which is welcoming, accessible and challenging to our audience. SPECTRUM is a project with no deadline.

The SPECTRUM Ensemble