About Bearfoot

Bearfoot Theatre is a youth managed Not For Profit association based in Newcastle, NSW Australia. We are young theatre practitioners who are carving out our own paths and creating original, experimental work from the ground up with no rules. Bearfoot has a focus on producing predominately original works of theatre, which convey relevant social messages and give a voice to young artists. We aim to assist the development of local writers by providing opportunities to workshop their scripts and to bring together a diverse and inclusive community of creatives from all facets of the industry, fostering opportunities for these people to apply their skills in a professional setting.

Our productions to date include Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight?, Take Me To Neverland, DYPKYS the Musical Concert and I Hope it’s Not Raining in London.

Bearfoot was founded in 2017 by trans emerging artist Riley McLean (they/them), who was eager to create a platform to produce their own works. They are full of passion for their craft and envision a bright future for Bearfoot. ??