Take Me to Neverland


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Trapped in an institution and unable to fly, Peter struggles to distinguish between real and make-believe. How will he find his way back to Neverland and how will the children in the orphanage learn to grow-up when Peter wants them to stay young and lost forever?

Take Me To Neverland is a dark re-imagining of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. This production cleverly deconstructs a classic children’s tale to expertly explore mature themes through familiar and accessible characters. Through Peter’s struggles, TMTN examines not only the prejudice and abuse against ‘mad’, institutionalised patients in the past, but the stigma which still follows mental health in our society today; examining how even the best intentions can affect those who are suffering. TMTN follows Peter’s life in two locations (ten years apart), an orphanage and a mental institution both in the early 1900s in Kensington, London. The script is complemented by a new and innovative execution of the performance- blending forms and styles to create a contemporary, hybrid experience. Although the story is confronting, it never feels weighed down; comic moments and child-like wonder shining through the darkness for a perfect balance of tone.

Take Me to Neverland ran at the Civic Playhouse Newcastle from the 11th-13th of January with the following cast & creative team:


Peter: Tom Rodgers
Wendy: Savannah Geddes
Simon/Slightly: Grace Alston
Nancy/Nibs: Konstanze Koedam
Christopher/Curly: Sam Hawkins
Tommy/Tootles: Harry Lyddiard
Molly/Twin: Bonnie McPeak
Maggie/Twin: Taylor Reece


Playwright: Riley McLean
Producer: Riley McLean
Director: Riley McLean and Cassie Hamilton
Assistant Director: Genevieve Lawson
Production Assistant: Tyler Atcheson and Parisse Lattimore
Stage Combat: Dakota Dunlap
Stage Manager: Eden Bourne
Assistant Stage Manager: Parisse Lattimore
Set Design: Riley McLean and Eden Dennis
Costume Design: Direction Team 
Lighting Design: Lyndon Buckley
Sound Design: Riley McLean
Lighting Operator: Lyndon Buckley
Sound Operator: Tyler Atcheson

Duration: 90 minutes (no interval)
Performance History:
(2018) Civic Playhouse, Newcastle: 6 show season. Presented by Bearfoot Theatre.

Recommended to high-school ages and above. Includes mature themes including images and references to violence, abuse, suicide and psychological trauma.

Audience Response:

  • “Tom Rodgers is a gifted young actor with an extensive emotional range who imbues every moment of Peter Pan with completely believable complexity.” – Sydney Arts Guide.
  • “The energy of the cast, the phenomenal script, the soundscape and special effects, the lighting and set… insane.”
  • “A new and hauntingly interesting perspective on the original. To say it was a pleasure to watch would be an understatement.”
  • “The standard of this show was beyond anything I could even begin to imagine.” 
  • “I have never experienced such a clever concept.”
  • “Of all the live productions I’ve ever seen, I’ve never had as strong an emotional reaction as I did to ‘Take Me To Neverland.” It literally took my breath away.” 
  • The future of theatre is in safe hands.”

Reviews & Previews:

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City Of Newcastle Drama Association Awards:

Best New Play written for a Newcastle Company: Riley McLean- Take Me To Neverland (NOMINATED)

Excellence by a Male Actor under 18: Tom Rodgers- Take Me To Neverland (NOMINATED)

Excellence in Lighting and audio-visual design: Lyndon Buckley- Take Me To Neverland (NOMINATED)


Take Me To Neverland (2018- Original Cast)

Take Me To Neverland (Rehearsals