I Hope It’s Not Raining in London


Official IHINRIL Trailer (Un-mute to watch)

Two people, trapped in a room. One is almost finished but the other is not yet ready. The other will be ready, but just not yet.

Bearfoot Theatre presents an original play written by Newcastle artist, Nicholas Thoroughgood and directed by Riley McLean. It is a contemporary, hybrid-experimental in its exploration of our perceived realities and the effects of trauma.

I Hope it’s Not Raining in London is a contemporary, hybrid- experimental in its exploration of our perceived realities and the effects of trauma. A sophisticated short play (60 minutes in length) that places two strangers together in a mysterious room. Neither of them has knowledge of where they are currently existing and how they got there- and the newest to arrive has no memories whatsoever. Small shoe-boxes appear sporadically- containing objects which trigger memories for them both and gradually their significant life stories are remembered and painfully explored.

Our production features four actors who rotate parts each show- creating four unique experiences, devoid of set gender or character expectations. The two actors not starring in a performance act as stage crew and fill in smaller roles in the characters memories. IHINRIL is a highly emotional and evocative experience, which leaves a lasting impact on its audiences. The play is based around connection- and the understanding two people form during their time together-simultaneously exploring the human psyche as we the psychological toll being trapped in the room would have on them. The production itself is an innovative,hybrid response to the absurdist script- playing with contemporary styles to create something unique. The text targets many social themes and issues including mental illness, suicide, existentialism, sexuality and religion.

CAST: Nicholas Thoroughgood, Taylor Reece, Cassandra Hamilton and Jack Twelevetree.

Playwright: Nicholas Thoroughgood
Producer: Riley McLean
Director: Riley McLean
Stage Manager: Tyler Atcheson
Sound Design: Nicholas Thoroughgood and Edward Garven
Lighting Design: Riley McLean
Sound Operator: Tyler Atcheson
Lighting Operator: Riley McLean
Costume Design: Cast
Set Design: Riley McLean
Art: Ben Mitchell


Sydney Arts Guide Review

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Audience Response:

  • A play full of heart. And blood. So much blood. – Vanessa Bates (Playwright)
  • Beautiful use of space and Riley McLean’s direction was so precise and wonderful. A triumph for indie theatre. – Mathew Lee (Stooged Theatre)
  • Great performances, a compelling script and some stellar direction. – James Chapman (Knock And Run Theatre)
  • A provoking piece of original theatre that’s not afraid to slap the audience in the face. Or splatter them with blood. – Joel Mews (WAAPA Student)
  • There is not enough praise for this remarkable piece. Drenched with intelligence, wit, rawness, maturity,authenticity, passion, emotion and insight. An entertaining script, superbly executed under skillful direction. Original theatre at it’s best. – Bronwyn Kanitz.
  • The hard work that has gone into this show is very evident. – Julie Black (Metropolitan Players)
  • What a fascinating concept. Utterly brilliant! – Sally Thompson.
  • Absolutely fantastic! The amount of emotions that really hit me hard was just simply brilliant! – Brooke Emma.
  • So impressed with the performances, staging, direction and writing.  – David Owens.
  • Confronting, emotional and clever, performed brilliantly. Very cleverly staged. –Nichole Richens.
  • Amazing show full of emotion and talent – Alexandra Rose.

City Of Newcastle Drama Association Awards:

Best New Play written for a Newcastle Company: Nicholas Thoroughgood- I Hope it’s Not Raining in London (NOMINATED)

Excellence by a Director: Riley McLean- I Hope it’s Not Raining in London (NOMINATED)

Best Ensemble Acting: Cassie Hamilton , Taylor Reece , Jack Twelvetree and Nicholas Thoroughgood- I Hope it’s Not Raining in London (NOMINATED)