Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight?


“In an alternate reality, what if sexual minorities were switched? What if kids had to come out as straight? In many ways, Casey Miller is a regular teenager with a passion for writing stories. But Casey has a secret… he’s straight. Feeling isolated, the aspiring author creates a friend- a lesbian girl called Riley who lives in an opposite world (not unlike our own) where heterosexuality is normality. Riley operates as a reflection of Casey as he documents twisted versions of his reality through her eyes. But Riley can’t always be happy- not when Casey’s not…
Because that’s not fair. “

DYPKYS focuses on prejudice towards the LGBTQI+ community and the internal turmoil of queer youth. First produced in the midst of the marriage equality debate, DYPKYS aimed to alter negative perceptions whilst supporting and inspiring those struggling by sharing a story that is relatable and easily accessible to people from all walks of life. The production is theatrically stunning- snappy transitions linking the episodic scenes together, as if capturing chapters from Casey’s book. DYPKYS explores not only coming out, but subtly follows the decline of Casey’s mental health- respectfully exploring depression and anxiety. Other issues, which are tastefully examined, include gender, being disowned by parents, suicidal thoughts and sexual assault.


Casey: Jack Twelvetree
Riley: Alexandra Jensen
Caitlyn: Parisse Lattimore
Jamie: Joseph McHugh
Willow: Grace Hughes
David/Jeremy: Christopher Shanko
Neil/Henry: Christopher Henderson
Miss Jenkins/Jenny: Taylor Reece
Micaela: Hannah Richens
Kyle: Dakota Dunlap
Charlotte: Samantha Lambert
Aria: Jamahla Barron
Lindsey: Genevieve Lawson


Playwright: Riley McLean
Producer: Riley McLean
Directors: Riley McLean and Cassie Hamilton
Production Assistant: Tyler Atcheson
Lighting Design: Lyndon Buckley
Sound Design: Riley McLean
Set Design: Riley McLean and Lyndon Buckley
Lighting Operator: Lyndon Buckley
Sound Operator: Tyler Atcheson

Production History:

  • May 2017, Civic Playhouse: 4 performances. (Produced through Eclectic Productions)
  • November 2016, Civic Playhouse: Staged Reading.
  • 2016, Catapult Dance Studio: LGBTI Theatre Festival (since rebranded as Queerup Theatre Festival)
  • 2015, The Depot Theatre: Short and Sweet Festival, Sydney. (10 minute version)
  • 2015, Civic Playhouse: Bite Size Showcase at the Regional Institute of Performing Arts (10 minute version)


Sydney Arts Guide Review

Audience Response:

  • “The first time I’ve ever given a standing ovation to a Newcastle production- It is everything theatre should be.”– Jerry Ray
  • “I for one am still emotionally drained because this show… is indescribable” – Nicholas Thoroughgood.
  • “One of the most moving pieces of theatre I have seen created in my life.”
  • “In a time where sexuality is being questioned in our teens, Riley created a work that was all encompassing to all experiences of our current youth. Without pointing the finger at anybody in the audience, the concept of freedom in being yourself, and who you are meant to be, rang through the piece through relatable and real dialogue. “ – Jay Wood.
  • “An excellent portrayal, mind-opening for straight people. Very healing and excruciatingly revealing.”
  • “It’s something that’s needed nowadays with the amount of gender inequality and discrimination.” – Joshua Hilton.
  • “I laughed, I cried and I left completely in awe.”
  • “I have always been supportive and accepting but DYPKYS really gave me a deeper insight into the personal journeys of my own loved ones that I had never really spent too much time thinking about.” – Kelsie Allan.

City Of Newcastle Drama Association Awards:

Best New Play written for a Newcastle Company: Riley McLean- Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? (NOMINATED)


Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight (2017 Civic Playhouse)

Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight- Rehearsal Shots (2017)

Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? (LGBT Theatre Festival- 2016)

Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? (Staged Reading 2016)

Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? (Short and Sweet Festival 2015)
10 minute sketch version.

Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? (‘Bite Size’ Regional Institute of Performing Arts 2015)