Bearfoot Writers Program

Bearfoot Writers’ Program

The Bearfoot Writer’s program is an initiative by Bearfoot to provide an opportunity for new and emerging writers to have their works produced in a professional setting. Our mission statement is to provide a platform for new work to be developed and produced and the writer’s program is a part of this.  The successful applicant will be provided with the means to workshop their script.

We intend to work with the writer on a collaborative level. They will be involved in every step of the creative process and will have the full support of the Bearfoot community.  Your script doesn’t need to be finished to apply- we will accept applications where we can see potential to workshop and further develop the work.

Specifications for Admissions:

We are open to all different types of scripts; however, it is Bearfoot’s mission is to produce works that tackle social justice issues and push the boundaries of traditional theatre, so scripts that do this will likely have a better chance of being accepted.

Some of the features of works we have produced in the past include:

  • Small cast (4-8 actors)
  • One or two acts
  • Produced economically
  • Compact venue
  • Minimalist costume/set

It is important to note that these are not requirements; this is just the type of theatre we are most familiar with (but we are always up for a challenge!)

The works will be judged not so much on any criteria, but on what the Bearfoot committee deems the best fit for us. So if your script is not accepted, it doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, just that we couldn’t fit it in this time around.

Your Application:

To have your application considered, please provide us with the following information:

  • A Short bio including your background and experience
  • A brief summary of your script
  • Why you think your script would be a good fit for Bearfoot Theatre
  • A copy of your script in PDF Format.

Send all applications to

We look forward to reading your submissions,

The Bearfoot Team