Auditions are now open for Bearfoot’s most ambitious original work yet: Playing Face, by emerging artist, Cassie Hamilton. Incorporating film elements and a fully original score, Playing Face blends genres including farce, murder-mystery, camp, absurdism and horror, to deliver an experience like non-other. The result is an uncut exploration of the performance of identity within the roles society has laid out before us, and how strict adherence to these roles can often lead to the erosion of our truest self.

Playing Face: To pretend to be what you believe you should be; or to perform the persona you believe yourself to have; or to play the role you have been assigned so well that your true self falls away, and what is left, is just a face.

Come join Mr & Mrs King for the highly-anticipated season finale of their reality show, ‘Living with the Kings’! Famed musical duo, ‘The Wild Violets’ will be spending three days at the King’s mansion, and on the third day they will give us a show like non-other. Sure, Jason Wilde and Violet Young maybe a little more… peculiar when compared to their usual guests, but most would seem a little off when compared to the radiant perfection of the Kings. So, tune in to witness the endearing shenanigans that take place in their biggest finale yet!

[Content warning: Playing face includes depictions of suicide, substance abuse, mental health, violence, sex and strong language, and therefore is not suited to actors under 18 years of age.]


Cassie Hamilton:Director/Playwright/Composer
Riley McLean:
Producer/ Production Manager
Lyndon Buckley:
Technical Manager/ Designer
Kieran Norman: Accompanist


Playing Face will have seasons in both Newcastle and Sydney. Rehearsals will take place in the Newcastle area. Sydney performers more than welcome to audition if willing to travel.

Newcastle: 13th-18th October
Sydney: 21-26th October

We are looking for strong performers who must be 18+. Rehearsal schedule will be worked around cast availability. Performers will be paid on a profit-share basis.

Please email to receive your audition pack.

Playing Face Workshop cast 2018